Michelle Courtney Berry, Life Coach for Stress Management
Founder/CEO Courtney Consulting Enterprises, LLC

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"We Help Leaders Hack Stress for Epic Success!"

"With job stress as our #1 threat to health and human happiness, don't waste another moment feeling overwhelmed and stuck. My company has two ambitious goals - to 'hack' the effects of stress in a generation and to elevate success for all our workers."
Michelle Courtney Berry , Founder & CEO

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Stuck? Too much to do, too little time? Guilt-ridden? No work/life balance?  Trust me, I've been there, done that. I know from experience, how to hack ALL of your stress right now, today. My team and I stand by your side, as partners, to help you "hack stress, so you can lead a life of EPIC success!" 

* Learn to meditate in minutes

* Heal your core wound™  and get unstuck

* Get laser-focused coaching for quick results 

* Elevate your game for abundance

* Get in FLOW-  sleep better, eat better, live better

* Experience rapid-fire results so you can HEAL

* Work with experts with over 20 years of experience 

Through our programs, coaching, retreats, talks and teaching, you will learn how to meditate quickly, for just a few minutes each day. This will help you de-stress and heal, as we work together to identify the core place or core wound  (or primary hurt), which keeps you stuck and frustrated. Through creative visualization and Michelle's intuitive reiki energy healing and laser focused coaching, we heal that primary wound through mindfulness and the deep power of suggestion. These gentle, but powerful steps create rapid shifts in your mindset that lead to rapid-fire manifestation and EPIC exhilaration!

When it comes to understanding stress and its deleterious effects on health, morale, work/life balance and all of our relationships, Michelle Courtney Berry is an award-winning author, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, trainer and stress expert with over 20 years of deep experience working with CEOs, celebrities, members of the Fortune 500, small businesses and large industries, front-line service workers, leaders, parents and women in business from the U.S, U.K., Canada, Africa, Switzerland, France, Columbia, Mexico and elsewhere.  She has shared the stage and opened for The Dalai Lama, Dr. Maya Angelou and Howard Zinn.

Contact us today and find why her hundreds of happy customers say: "Michelle is simply the BEST speaker, trainer and coach for STRESS MANAGEMENT...Michelle Courtney Berry of Courtney Consulting Enterprises, LLC is a rock star who TRANSFORMS lives..."  READ MORE  testimonials

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